Quirky Anomaly is a small business that hopes to raise awareness of Mental Health through real stories and experiences ; based on my own mental health journey. We hope that through sharing real ordeals we will educate those who may only know the stereotyped depiction of mental health and living with a mental illness.

My Mission

  • To provide a place of comfort to those with a mental illness by providing tips, how-to’s and anecdotes through blog posts, youtube videos, Podcasts and more!
  • Raise Awareness of th highs and lows of Mental Illness Life through charity & other voluntary work.
  • Provide relevant information for external charities and companies who can give extra support to those with a mental illness.

My Aim

  • Educate and Change the view of those who have a limited understanding of life with a mental illness and mental health as a whole
  • Bring comfort to those who may feel as they are alone through my mental health journey

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Quirky Anomaly FAQ's

Besides having a multiple mental illnesses (Depression & anxiety – diagnosed at 14, EUPD diagnosed at 15 & C-PTSD) from a small age. I’ve undergone a myraid of mental health treatment, from DBT to Occupational Therapy. I have also had an unpaid role at Citizens Advice Bureau and I’ve recieved Vulnerable person training. 

Quirky anomaly is for those who feel that they do not fit into society; who feel like an alien amongst a crowd and have to pretend to be the same. We are for those who feel like they dont know enough about their mental illness and want to know how to cope and move forward to live a better and peaceful life. We are for those who may not know enough about mental illness and mental health and would like to know more to expand their knowledge. 

Throught out our blog and podcast we will but not be exclusive to discuss:

Work & Education
Self Image and Self esteem
Self help, Care and Coping Mechanisms
Mental Health 101
Personal, Rants & Experiences

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