Self Care: 24 tips to Maintain your Mental Wellbeing

salf care: 24 tips to maintain your mental wellbeing



The year that drained your social battery more than Snapchat & YouTube drains an iPhone.

Let us be honest, we are glad it’s over. But with every pore-clogging thing that has happened, it’ll be lying to assume that you can shake it off.

After all, we’ve had to deal with multiple Lockdowns, Quarantines, obsessively listening to the news so we can determine our next steps that coincide with the rules.

Leaving no time for true self care and resistance to 2020’s toxic fumes.

2020’s over and now is the time to make our personal care a priority!!

But jumping back to things like everything is fine, is not only exhausting but, can create more damage to your mental health more than help it.

So, let’s talk about the Tips to Maintain your Mental Wellbeing with BONUS SELF CARE TIPS

Disclaimer: We would like to make it clear that we do not claim to be professionals and can not give professional advice as this is simply not our forte. We speak about subjects and talking topics through experiences and information gained from other professionals. If you are in need of information on any topic that we talk through, please contact the appropriate specialist through the lists of numbers provided.

What does Self care mean?

  Mental Wellbeing is the subject of good self care. If your Mental wellbeing is good, then generally you are talking good care of yourself. World Health Organisation suggests that mental well-being is “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can make a contribution to his or her community” experiences and information gained from other professionals.  If you are in need of information on any topic that we talk through, please contact the appropriate specialist through the lists of numbers provided.

Essential Self Care rituals often suggest to improve your Mental Health

7 things often suggested to improve mental wellbeing: Eating Well, Drink Water, Manage Stress, Good Sleep, Talk about Feelings, Socialise with friends and exercise

Often when speaking to a professional or searching on websites thereabout, such as the NHS website, it is often suggested of us with mental illnesses to do the following:

Eating well

According to Professionals, eating well consists of eating 3 meals a day with 2 snacks; consuming a days food with ⅓ fruit and veg; ⅓ starch and carbohydrates, approx. ⅕ beans and protein, a small amount of dairy and a tiny percent of fats.

Good sleep

It is recommended that an adult is to sleep between 6 to 9 hours a night, according to NHS.

Drink water 

The NHS also suggests “we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day” to avoid dehydration.


Doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week.” is best recommended for an adult between 18-59 according to the NHS.

Talking to friends/family 

To ensure that you get rid of emotional tension, it is recommended that we talk to friends and family about our thoughts and feelings. 

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    What’s My Opinion on Commonly suggested Self Care Tasks?


    It’s not that I am ridiculing any of them and claiming they are false, because, yes, at some point all these things help improve your mental health. 

    But when you are in the midst of a deep depressive episode, are you really gonna go on a walk, go for a bath, drink plenty of fluids and eat well?


    Probably not. 

    That isn’t going to be on your mind, you’re not going to have the energy to do it. 

    It’s gonna seem utterly pointless.

    And, let’s make a pretence that you did do those things, you’re not gonna all of a sudden be like “All the years of deep depressive moods and all I needed was a sip of Evian.” *wink and thumbs up*

    You’re gonna feel the same unless you keep up & motivated and continue to push forward, and in some instances, your energy is gonna be shot and if you have anxiety too, your social battery is gonna be null. 

    It’s honestly dangerous to think that it is the cure and can instantly make you feel better because it’s really not the case. 

    In my personal experience, I think professionals and people who think they know all about mental health (when they don’t) shove it down your throat like it is the magic secret to curing chemical imbalance. 

    Like no, Susan it doesn’t. 

    Not like that. 

    I’ve been right in the middle of a BPD episode and have been told to go to sleep and drink some water and go for a walk by caring staff.

    Like, Huh? Are you serious?

    But I don’t want to sound too down on the advice because, yes, science proves it does help with maintaining and improving mental wellbeing. 

    But it takes a long time, effort and energy that at the start of recovery we just don’t have. 

    What is normally suggested, (Eating healthy, drinking fluids, etc) would be better to do when you have been in recovery for some time, your energy levels aren’t as low as they used to be, you are able to get up in the day and do the basic things for yourself whatever they may be.

    When that time comes where you want to take your recovery to the next steps, then you start doing as suggested, one by one.

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      Don’t think that you have to start doing them all straight away, because, sometimes it sounds like you’re being told to do them all at once. 

      Which just thinking about it causes stress which in turns brings you back to the point you were before. 

      That is the last thing you want. 

      Let me know what you think about this.  

      Comment in the description or send me DM on Quirky Anomaly’s Instagram or Facebook. 

      Self care activities for you’re Home Alone Time

      6 self care tasks to do when home alone: Pamper day, Sing along to disney, spend time with your furbaby, pet, eating comfort foods, light candle or incense sticks, watch favourite TV show
      6 Self care tasks to do when you are home alone

      That being said, I want to share with you all some things that I abide by for when you are feeling low energy and want something to make you feel better in the moment that’s isn’t the commonly said. 


      Eating some of your favourite foods 

      A brilliant reason for a foodie to get their shovel on. 

      Eating food that you love can release some good feeling emotions. So why not!


      Sing along to a Disney

      Doesn’t necessarily have to be Disney. 

      Singing along to your favourite tracks can be some good fun whether you’re a singer or not. 


      Light a candle or Incense Sticks

      Sensory can be an awesome way to refocus the mind and bring you back to the here and now – especially when you are dissociating.


      Do exactly what you’re doing now read an intriguing blog or listen to a tip-top podcast  (Yes, I really said tip top!!)

      If you are feeling alone or need help and advice, a blog or podcast are a great way to make you feel better. 

      There are some amazing ones out there; like the Quirky Anomaly Podcast. 


      Get dressed even if you’re not going anywhere. 

      Sometimes staying in your PJ’s isn’t the best thing on your wellbeing as your body is conditioned to recognise your PJ’s for resting and your day clothes for being awake and productive. 

      So spending the day in some in house clothes may make you feel a lot better. 

      Who knows until you try it?


      Better yet have a pamper day (that’s if you have the energy)

      From time to time, it’s great to sit down with yourself and give yourself a bit of TLC. 

      Spending the day giving yourself a bit of pampering. 

      What a perfect form of self care that can help your mental wellbeing and is great for rejuvenating your vibe by just doing the things you love and shutting off the world and all its unwanted distractions


      Spending time with your fur baby

      If you are a pet parent to your loveable fur/scales, spending time with them can make you feel a world a good as animals are also known to help us release good feeling chemicals. 

      Just by stroking your fur babies not only makes you feel happy but can make them feel happy too.


      Watch Vines/TikTok

      Who doesn’t love watching funny videos? 

      Whether you’re a millennial or Gen-Z watching Vines or TikToks are a great way to distract you from nasty thoughts or feelings.

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        Watch some Nostalgic shows from your childhood

         Whether its watching TV shows like Sarah Jane Adventures; or animation

        movies such as Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks.

         Watching your old childhood shows is a good sure way to unlock some good memories.

         Because come on, Who doesn’t like a bit of Shrek, eh Donkey?


        Practise your favourite form of self-care

        Maybe there is something here that I haven’t mentioned.

         Maybe there is something that you used to love doing and haven’t felt like

        doing for a long while.

         Or even, if there is something that you have been longing to try.

         Do it!

         I couldn’t think of a better time to start.

         Doing something you love is the best form of self care as you are doing

        something that makes you happy.

         If it’s meaningful to you then why not try.


        Self Care Activities to do out & About

        Self care tasks to do when home alone time
        Self care things to do when you are out and about

        Every so often there are times where nothing you are doing at home can help you feel better, or even you don’t feel like staying indoors. 

         Especially if you’ve been inside for a long while.

         Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, going outside can be of great benefit and maybe something your body wants you to do.

         So what self-care activities can you do whilst out and about?


        Spend time with someone who doesn’t drain your social battery

        Going outside and spending time with people that don’t drain your battery, don’t make you feel anxious and all in all, make you feel like you can be yourself without judgement is the best feeling in the world.


        Sit on a long bus journey (Yes, thats self care too)

        There doesn’t have to be a destination.

         You could find a bus that you haven’t been on before, take a small pack lunch and travel the whole route. 

         Then when it’s time to get off at the terminal, go to the bus stop opposite and come back.

         Go and sit in the park with someone you love and trust

        Like previously mentioned, spending time with people who you can truly be yourself with can be the best feeling in the world.

         Going out somewhere with them can feel awesome too.

         It could potentially be the best day ever.


        Go to the library

         If you truly don’t like being around people, I feel you dude.

         One thing I love doing when talking is on my mind. I love a trip to the library.

         The library is essentially the don’t-talk-to-me zone.

         It’s great!!

         Just like the long bus journey, take some supplies with you and sit in your element.

         For those who live in the UK, I highly recommend going to the Birmingham City Centre Library.

         It is truly amazing.


        Spend time window shopping

        It’s annoying when you want to go shopping but haven’t got the money. 

        But sometimes window shopping can do just as good. 

        Spend time window shopping and compile a wish list. 

        Then the next time you have enough money. You know what you want to buy.


        Eating out in a cafe

         Whether it’s a local cafe or a Starbucks.

        Sitting out of the house with a change of scenery listening to music or working can be just as effective as going to the library.


        Look after both your personal care whilst on a nature walk with dogs .

        Dogs can be a great way to get outside and to distract yourself from your thought tunnel.

        But sometimes even dogs need a change of scenery. 

        Why not take them to a local nature dog walking spot and let your senses go wild

        Bonus Self Care Tips:

        Go sporting

        Why not go out and spend time doing a sport you love. 

        Swimming, bowling, tennis are all great sports to go out and do. 

        Whether you’re by yourself or with friends.

        Free exhibition

         If you’re like me and are not really a sports person. 

        Going to a museum, or art exhibition could be the way for you.

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