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At Quirky Anomaly, we aim to make every weird and wonderful person, who feels like they are an outcast from the social norm, know that many like-minded people feel the same way. We also aim to educate and comfort those who think that being different is “wrong”, “bad” or “embarrassing” to embrace their uniquity, through important light hearted discussions, and anecdotes from my own mental health journey all written to boost and ignite confidence in those who require it whether directly, and/or (if needed) we will point you to a place that specialises in your prefered agender.


Quirky Anomaly has a mental health blog, which is simply called, Quirky Anomaly: Blog.

Within the blog, I take you with me, on my mental health journey. We discuss everyday ups and downs of having a mental illness and how to take care of yourself in times you don’t feel like it. Giving self-help and self-care advice, all based on personal experience and help from statistics and ultimately, I teach you how not to make the same mistakes as i do as we talk through Mental Health, Self Care, Lifestyle and other relatable topics which are specifically relating to Depression, Anxiety, Complex PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder, as this a where I have first-hand experience.

Reason for
the Blog

After having a ton of experiances with my mental health & pertaining a passion for helping people. I thought there would be no better way to share my experiances to help those who struggle to identify with themselves and their self worth.

It is needless to say, i have a deep and total interest in mental health representation, I want to use this blog to ensure that mental health is represented correctly, appropriately, and in a positive view of awareness is conveyed to abolish any stigmas, stereotypes and misconceived views towards mental health.

Did you know we have a Fandom podcast called The Quirky Fangirl Podcast, where we talk about all my favourite fandoms from BBC’s Doctor Who to Marvels Avengers.

Topics We Cover:

To ensure that we raise full awareness of mental health and the effects of daily life we have to look and explore everything.

Mental health and living with a mental illness isn’t just a “on/off” affair; it is a lifestyle. In light of this, we will now be a Mental Health, Self Care and Lifestyle Brand as all these things have a huge significance and importance to living a life with mental health. 

Here is a breakdown of what we will be discussing


Mental Health

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Trauma 
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • cPTSD
  • Autism
  • BPD
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Help & Support services


Self Care

  • Hobbies
  • Meditation 
  • Useful Tips and Tricks
  • Self Love
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Identity



  • Food
  • Plus Size
  • Pets
  • Natural Hair
  • Health and Wellness




Ceo & Founder

Hey! I'm Ellessia.

I’m a 20-something woman from the midlands in the UK, and i use my dry, sarcastic and bubbly sense of humor to communicate the importance of mental health as a way to educate those with limited understanding.

In 2014, I was formally diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The year after I was diagnosed with BPD/EUPD and have recently been informally diagnosed with C-PTSD from a Therapist.

I don’t have any formal mental health qualifications as such. However, I have had tons of experience with dealing with mental health from daily personal experiences, going to therapy, relapses, being in the care system with a mental illness, being in a psychiatric hospital for 5 months an array of treatment,  and, more professionally, from working at Citizens Advice Bureau.

Moving away from the Mental health theme, I am a huge lover of pets and animals. I am also a massive Sci-fi fantasy fan and have a TARDIS shaped place in my heart for Doctor who and the Whoniverse, Disney& Pixar and a whole load of other sci-fi and fantasy fandoms.

Origin Story

For years, I’ve known that I do not fit into any social moulds, and for that, I have been frequently called weird, or a word of the sort. For a long time, I believed that it was true and that being weird was a bad thing, that it was something to ridicule myself with. And I did.

For years, I was emotionally beating myself up for not being what society expected me to be. I was beating myself up because I wasn’t “the right skin colour for a black girl”, “I wasn’t the correct weight”, I wasn’t all carefree like my friends’. Which, honestly, made me feel depressed as I thought no one understood me.It didn’t help that I was being bullied for being weird, for being too tall, too fat, too clever, too this and too that. It used to hurt.

As a result, I used to try and act like someone else that my society expected of me, it was honestly pointless. It was as useful as trying to fit a mattress into a fishbowl. There was no way I was going to fit.

Little did I understand, that being unique or weird was actually a good thing; and that some of the weird things that I was criticised for were common for people with the mental illnesses that I have. This contributed to acknowledgement that being “weird” was my sense of self and is an identity.

Today I embrace my quirkiness and love being out of the ordinary because this means that there is nobody like me. Don’t get me wrong I still call myself weird but I don’t see it as an insult but as a blessing. My journey with discovering my quirks isn’t over. I learn more about myself day after day. The sense of freedom this brings is amazing, and I want every person who felt like me to have the same sense of peace, hence the birth of Quirky Anomaly


Quirky Anomaly's FAQ

Quirky Fangirl's FAQ

Besides having a multiple mental illnesses (Depression & anxiety – diagnosed at 14, EUPD diagnosed at 15 & C-PTSD) from a small age. I’ve undergone a myraid of mental health treatment, from DBT to Occupational Therapy. I have also had an unpaid role at Citizens Advice Bureau and I’ve recieved Vulnerable person training. 

Quirky anomaly is for those who feel that they do not fit into society; who feel like an alien amongst a crowd and have to pretend to be the same. We are for those who feel like they dont know enough about their mental illness and want to know how to cope and move forward to live a better and peaceful life. We are for those who may not know enough about mental illness and mental health and would like to know more to expand their knowledge. 

Throught out our blog and podcast we will but not be exclusive to discuss:

Work & Education
Self Image and Self esteem
Self help, Care and Coping Mechanisms
Mental Health 101
Personal, Rants & Experiences

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Quirky Fangirl is for those who love Fandoms. Who use the art of movies and media to ground them when they are having a stressful day, want to chill or even when they want to celebrate. Or even, for those people who love learning about mental health and want to see how represented it is in big screen films. If you love fandoms as much as we do then why not subscribe.

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